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How Coast’s fitness culture inspired new health product

ITS Sunshine Coast location gave the team of Mountain Creek natural medicine company, Herbal Wellbeing Australia, the impetus to formulate what has now become its flagship product.

Company marketing agent Peter Attard said being surrounded by the “super fit” was great motivation for Herbal Wellbeing to switch its focus from medicines to Australian-grown vegan protein powder.

“The Sunshine Coast is home to some of the fittest and most health-conscious people in the country, and being surrounded by this crowd has certainly given us some great ideas for our brand,” Mr. Attard said.

The company’s Australian-grown Fava bean protein is 100 percent plant-based and took the team at Herbal Wellbeing two years of hard work to get to market.

“Our protein is not just for building muscle mass, it’s overall health,” Mr. Attard said. “We have three versions designed to tackle immunity, digestion and movement, and 80 percent of our product uses Australian-sourced ingredients which is an Australian first for protein …”

Herbal Wellbeing has also expanded into the United Arab Emirates despite difficult trade conditions during the pandemic, and the team hopes to take its products to the “Hong Kong trade show and throughout Asia and beyond”.