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General conditions

By using this site you agree to our privacy policy and the use and disclosure of information as outlined within our policy. Herbal Wellbeing Australia has the right to update or modify terms and conditions at any time.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

Herbal Wellbeing Australia’s material on this website is subject to copyright under Australian and international law. Content provided is copyright and all rights are reserved. Copying or republishing information from this site is strictly prohibited. Trademark, patent and IP laws apply in relation to our names and logo’s. Website materials, wordings and symbols regardless of trademark status may be subject to intellectual property and not be modified, downloaded, sold or copied in any way unless written consent is authorised in writing by Herbal Wellbeing Australia.

Disclaimer and Limitation Of Liability

Herbal Wellbeing offers product information and content for personnel use only. Our website materials are regularly updated with new information and new content added. We provide information on our brand, who we are, our product range plus collect information as per our privacy policy. We also offer promotional offerings to support members that subscribe to our website. We reserve the right to block or remove postings, subscriptions or offensive information that may damage our brand or information that may be misleading. Whilst Herbal Wellbeing uses all reasonable efforts to ensure the information located with this site is accurate however we make no warranties about the reliability and accuracy of website information and we can not guarantee it is free of viruses and up to date with current information. We advise you to seek independent advice in reference to IT awareness and safety. We are indemnified and exempt from any liabilities that may arise in relation to use of our website in relation to system or computer damage or in relation to damage resulting from disclosure to third parties.

We advise you to seek professional medical advise where relevant in regards to product ingredients and suitability of each product for your condition. We recommend you seek professional medical advise where in relation to product use. Our complimentary natural medicine is AUSTL listed however any medical questions should be directed to a relevant healthcare professional. Individual results may vary in regards to product uses and applications. Whilst our complimentary medicine product range is  based on Traditional Western Herbal Medicine or where applicable other forms of traditional or scientific evidence uses we can not guarantee individual results and that we will meet individual needs. We strongly advise you to read the product uses, dosage and warnings on each label carefully. As to the fullest extent permitted by law you agree to indemnify all directors, owners, distributors and employees in relation to any liabilities whatsoever that may arise (negligence included) from the use of information and materials within this website or IT issues that may arise within the website. You also agree to indemnify the business for any loss, damage or suffering from product purchase or from misuse of information within the site. You agree to this term and condition when you purchase product via the Herbal Wellbeing website. Our Information should be carefully evaluated by all site visitors prior to purchase.

Delivery, refund & returns policy

Once you’ve placed your order online, our sales team will send the order to our logistics provider who will process your order. They’ll then put your invoice into our packing queue for the warehouse team. This process usually takes 24-48 hours. Once your order has been confirmed, our warehouse team will pick your order then pack your item/s in readiness for freight collection. Depending on demand and quantity of orders this can take between 1-2 business days. The next step is to post your goods to your nominated address. This process usually takes as a guide only the below timeframe:

NSW: 3 business days

Vic-SA-Qld: 4-5 business days

WA-NT-Tas: 5-9 business days

Should your item not arrive within 7-days please email us and we will track the shipping item number and investigate accordingly. Should you receive a damaged product or incorrect cart item please contact Herbal Wellbeing for a replacement item. You may be asked to freight a damaged product back to us for quality evaluation or investigation. This will be communicated to you upon receiving your email.

Herbal Wellbeing Australia takes great care with our warehouse provider to ensure you get to you goods in a satisfactory condition (not damaged) and that you receive what you have ordered in a reasonable time frame as stated above. Should you not be happy with your purchase of any Herbal Wellbeing product simply return it and we will refund you to your nominated bank account or send a replacement product if faulty. Note you will be responsible for return freight costs in some instances such as ordering 3 or more items thus free delivery.

Herbal Wellbeing Australia provide tamper evidence packaging seals, safety seals or release lock pump pack bottles within our product range. We thoroughly check over each item before release and can not be liable for tampering or alterations to any product once they leave our distribution centre. We accept no legal liability once the items leave the warehouse premises. If any item has been opened prior to your acceptance of goods please contact us within 24 hours for a replacement item. We are indemnified against any claims that may arise relative to usage of items in such instance.

At Herbal Wellbeing we encourage feedback and have a solid reputation for quality and brand loyalty and accept feedback on all occasions.

You may contact us for further information via the below contact details:

Herbal Wellbeing Australia P/L
P.O. Box 1487,